Share The Love Tour – Day 2
by on April 13, 2017 in Blog

Greetings from Sunny SoCal!
Day 2, Wednesday, April 12, of my “Share The Love” Tour. I slept in until 9:30am, had some coffee, lounged around a bit and then went to Fitness 19 in Baldwin Park, CA. I’m a member back home so, it’s free to workout at any of their clubs, which is a nice perk! I also hit the Trader Joe’s in Whittier and picked up lunch (Tofu Spring Rolls). I also got some food for my the rest of my trip (nuts, oatmeal, salad). I try to eat healthy as much as possible. At least that’s how the day started! ? If you’d like to support me while I’m on the road I’d greatly appreciate it! Click the link below to my “Share The Love” ?? VIRTUAL Tip-jar

After the gym, TJ’s and a shower, I cruised up Highway 605 to 60, 110, 5, 101 – there’s so many Freeways here that I have to take to get somewhere it’s mind boggling at times!! Phew! I ended up in Canoga Park at the Guitar Merchant for their open mic. It’s run by some super sweet fellas, East Coast Al, Joe and Bill on sound. Everyone was extremely nice and super supportive. I asked another performer Dylan if he would video my performance which he gladly did. It’s on Facebook, click on the link below to view it:

After the open mic I was hungry. I saw this interesting hamburger joint called “Original Tommy’s” so I figured what the heck! I ordered a cheeseburger and a Root Beer. Their cheeseburgers come with everything and I mean everything! Lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, onions and chili! Chili?! That was different! It was a chili cheeseburger and it was delicious!! So much for healthy eating! ?

Thanks for reading and your support. Remember if you’re in SoCal please say hello! See you tomorrow! 

Peace and love,
Judy ???????

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