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Groovy Judy preaches love and peace on debut CD


Groovy Judy, “Groovy Judy” (Hey Judy Productions)

Groovy Judy, the young songstress from San Francisco, falls somewhere in between Grace Slick and Grace Jones.

She wrote seven of the eight tracks on her self-titled debut “Groovy Judy,” and has instrumental help from drummer Dave Hayden, saxophonist Rick Yamashiro, Don Bosco on organ and several others.

Relying on Jimi Hendrix-era guitar riffs with strong bass lines and drums, Judy takes us back to the Haight-Ashbury heyday, but with a modern twist of funk.

Judy preaches love and peace in tracks like “Forgive,” “Peace & Love,” and “Hey Dad,” and even a little religion in “Heaven” and “I Need Your Help Jesus.” But Judy isn’t a Jesus freak. She instead sings about salvation and freedom, and in one song calls heaven “a big flea market.” While the rock music is exceptional, some of Judy’s lyrics often stray into the mediocre and amateurish zone. Still, the album’s worth a groovy spin. For information, visit www.groovyjudy.com.

— Sandy Staggs, staff writer

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  1. Vince Scarich says:

    What a great album! I put the CD in my player as I left home and had listened to the whole album just as I got to my destination in San Francisco. The music had me thinking of my sweetie and times we shared. It had me feeling the Love.

    I don’t have a favorite song. I loved the first song, and then all the rest. Groovy Judy is a master, both of the guitar and voice. I loved the stories the songs told. I particularly loved listening to how she finished notes. Sometimes they stop cleanly, sometimes dying off, and sometimes, interesting, raising up in pitch. A lovely touch. It had me on the edge of my seat wondering and anxious to see how she would finish the next note.

    The music has a great beat. It carried me to San Francisco.

    I just love Love.

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