Here’s what fans have been saying about Groovy Judy:

I get a lot of love from my fans. These are emails or comments that I receive. I love getting positive feedback. It’s very inspiring and I really appreciate everyone’s kind words.

“I just love you, Groovy Judy!”

“You’re an amazing entertainer and one heck of a guitarist.”

“I love your guitar playing and positive energy. It’s infectious!”

“I love you. You’re amazing!”

“You really know how to play that guitar.”

“You’re one of the best female guitarists I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you for another fantastic show. It has been so much fun getting to know you and watching you perform.”

“It was so much fun to see you and your band. You rock!”

So cool you’re in Guitar Player magazine. Congrats!

Your music is rocking! I love your sense of style.”

Congratulations Judy this is Awesome! Keep Groovin’ Lady!!!”

“Judy congratulations on Guitar Player! You deserve it girlfriend. You are an inspiration and very accomplished!!!! I for one am glad to say I know you!!!!”

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  1. Bob naquon says:

    Judy=Jim hendrix+Santana+an overdose of Redbull! Rock on Judy!

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