Be Who You've Got To Be

I Need You

Jimi's Sister

Another Day

Get Along


Your Life


Sing A Song

Give Love

Groovy Judy, San Francisco’s flower-power funk rocker, and stellar blues-funk guitar player has released her second CD “Life.” Produced by Roberta Donnay (Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks), the music is about commonplace life experiences such as love, relationships and being happy. The title track, “Be Who You've Got to Be,” sparks an inspirational vibe of being true to yourself, “Your Life” encourages enjoying life to the fullest, and “Get Along” is Judy's peace anthem about putting an end to all of the negativity in the world. It also contains Judy’s signature psychedelic rock song, “Jimi’s Sister,” her tongue-in-cheek tribute to her guitar mentor, Jimi Hendrix, as well as the haunting instrumental, “Sunrise,” inspired by Carlos Santana.

  1. Be Who You've Got to Be – 4:24
  2. I Need You – 3:51
  3. Jimi's Sister (New Production) – 4:32
  4. Another Day – 5:22
  5. Get Along – 3:08
  6. Happy – 3:25
  7. Your Life – 5:10
  8. Sunrise – 3:33
  9. Sing a Song – 4:19
  10. Give Love – 3:53
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1 review for Life

  1. pggrafx

    Actual reviews from fans and friends 🙂

    Lizz Randolph-Legacy Productions
    This IS Rock! What an awesome trip! This entire CD took me back to the days of peace, love and rock ‘n roll! Jimi’s sister says it all, as Groovy Judy has captured the essence of the psychodelic age. The guitar riffs are AMAZING and the songs tell a story that make you smile and just feel good! If you are a child of the sixties, this will spark a memory…if your too you to remember the sixties, it’s time you heard what all the hoopla was all about! Far out!!! WONDERFUL addition to any music lovers collection!

    mike hoffman
    positively charged old school rock. All the songs are upbeat songs about leading a better life, treating others with respect, and of course…. rocking and rolling like the legend himself, hendrix! My only complaint is that it’s too short! 😉

    Rev. Jacqueline
    If you are in a negative space, listen to Groovy Judy’s CD, ‘Life’ and your mood will immediately lighten up. Groovy Judy’s music is fun, joyful, uplifting and very positive. We have such fun and are privileged to have Judy share her music with us monthly at our Sunday Spiritual Circle, Center for Spiritual Growth in San Mateo.

    Matt Doar
    Great upbeat stuff, good for kids too! Happy stuff, and well-produced, well-played, catchy tunes. I bought it for my children and got into it too. Lots of Jimi H references, but plenty of her own original stuff. A great find from KKUP one random Sunday morning.

    Beth Elliott
    Leaves you happy and smiling … and rocking! Try to keep from smiling when you listen to this CD. Just try. Both the music and the message are just so happy and positive … and Groovy Judy rocks on guitar! Groovy Judy backs up her positive rock ‘n’ roll “mission statement” with energetic, feel-good songs full of hot guitar licks. “Life” is a great CD to play when you want to shake off your worries and get into a happy, rocking groove.

    Rockin Sista. I know this singer/songwriter personally, she is the only woman musician I get along with. She is “real” and down to earth, I can have a “real” conversation with her. She is just Judy and I like her funky band too. Singin and playin as a musician can’t be easy but Judy enjoys it and always gives us fans a good show and makes us enjoy it too. Keep on Judy, keep on!!

    Adrianne Serna
    Good vibes and rockin’ music! This CD is so much fun! Great songs backed by a rockin’ band and lots of background vocals reminescent of the sixties. Good vibes all around! A great mood lifter!

    Lisa Star – Passion Star Records
    Terrific up beat, positive rock n roll and smokin guitar riffs! Whether it’s a party, a road trip or you’re just workin out.. This CD rocks.. The energy of Groovy Judy’s Life CD is electric – and I love her hard rockin guitar riffs. Her lyrics are positive, hopeful and show that rock n roll can be life affirming! The band is lean and committed to their original sound in a classic funky rock genre that crosses over to today’s listening with an ecstatic bound! I dare you to not get out your air guitar and dance around the room!

    What a cool eclectic mix of music that will rock your world. At first listen you think of all the classic great guitar players from the past. the rock of Jimmy, the funk of sly, the syrupy classic sounds of Carlos. Roll them all up and you get Jimmy’s sister! Groovy Judy is growing up and demands your listening attention. the songwriting reflects a maturity that just takes time. Keep it up sister!!!

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