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It was cold and dreary last Saturday night, but inside The Corner Cafe on Fairmont Drive things were heating up. Groovy Judy was in town, bringing with her a touch of the ’60s through music that inspired love and laughter.

Groovy Judy is not just a musician, but a humanitarian who loves to help others and give back to the community.

Her company, Hey Judy Productions, has produced benefits for the Leukemia Society, Food Not Bombs and the American Red Cross. This was Groovy Judy’s second appearance at The Corner Cafe and a release party for her first CD.

The band is known for its colorful clothing, goofy hats, and wacky glasses. Wearing a goofy hat last Saturday let you purchase the debut CD for $5 (half price). One woman showed up wearing a tall red Mad Hatter with white polka dots, similiar to the millinery in Groovy Judy’s collection.

Guitarist Judy Gascoyne, along with drummer Pete Gascoyne and keyboardist Scott Beyer have a sound that is reminiscent of some great bands from the ’60s. You remember them – Lovin’ Spoonful, Spanky and Our Gang, Young Rascals, Canned Heat – and their message of peace and love. Groovy Judy does all that with a little Hendrix thrown in for psychedelic effect. The musical mix had the audience “feelin’ all right” Saturday night.

Groovy Judy writes most of the material, which touches on such universal themes as acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding. She delivers the message with convincing clarity and purpose.

Her heartfelt rendition of “Peace & Love” encapsulated her hopes and dreams.

Judy never takes herself seriously, however, and the band has fun jumping from ’60s idealism to ’70s party-time music. The band drew on material from The Rutles (who parodied the Beatles), Rare Earth (“I Just Want to Celebrate”) and The Talking Heads (“Psycho Killer”) showing they are just as much at ease with funk as they are with flower power.

Groovy Judy is great entertainment for young and old alike. So, if you want to “remember when” or “enjoy the moment,” Groovy Judy will pull something out of the hat just for you.

Groovy Judy’s debut CD is available at, and Borders Books and Music in Sacramento.

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