RELEASED: June 1, 2016
ARTIST: Groovy Judy
LABEL: Hey Judy Productions
PRODUCER: Groovy Judy

Love is universal, love is powerful, love is everywhere present. My new full length CD features 10 uplifting and rocking tracks plus, one bonus track. Songs such as “Great Day” is a Jimi Hendrix influenced rocker that lifts your spirits and helps you start your day off rockin’! “Heart Goes Boom” is a straight up rocker that goes right to the heart. It’s about those love feelings you get when you’re near that special someone who makes your heart pound with joy. “Sweet Love” is a fun, mid-tempo groove rocker that reminds us that we’ve all got lots of love to share. “I Am Me” is a power ballad that speaks about my deep feelings, thoughts and the love I seek to share. “Prague” is an instrumental rocker influenced by my love of rock, the Prague Rock genre and just letting loose! “The Spell” is about falling under that magic spell of love that’s hard to break once it takes hold. “Higher Mind” is another Hendrix influenced style funk rocker about truly loving yourself by connecting with that inner voice and guidance we all have. “Laid Off” rocks with a bit of punk attitude. It’s not about losing your job, it’s about being free, new opportunities, a fresh start and finding something you truly love to do. “Baby I Need Your Love” is a smooth groove ballad that speaks of true love, the love that you know is deep and real. “When I Want U” is a Peter Gunn style rocker about being able to count on and be there for the one you love.

Get some, give some, and share some Love today!

1. Great Day – 3:10
2. Heart Goes Boom – 3:05
3. Sweet Love – 3:51
4. I Am Me – 5:20
5. Prague – 3:35
6. The Spell – 3:23
7. Higher Mind – 3:44
8. Laid Off – 2:50
9. Baby I Need Your Love – 5:26
10. When I Want U – 4:58
11. Baby I Need Your Love (Bonus Track) – 5:58



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