Hot Rockin’ End of Summer!!
by on August 29, 2017 in Blog

Happy End of Summer!
The Summer is coming to a close as we approach Labor Day Weekend. It’s heating up as well! I’ve been so busy playing shows, marketing shows and resting from shows that I haven’t posted anything in a bit. Alas, the life of a rock-n-roller! I do most of my posting on Facebook, so if you’d like to follow me there that would be super groovy!

The Summer has been a rockin’ one for sure! I’ve averaged 10-20 shows per month. Sometimes there’s 3 in a row or 4 or 5 in a week. Plus, when I’m not performing I’m teaching music to others. This is not a rant or a complaint of any kind, no, no, no. I’m hopefully painting the picture of my music filled life.

The band has been playing a lot in the Sacramento Delta. Why? Well, because I love it out there. It’s beautiful, it’s on the water, everyone is in a pretty good mood and they love the classic rock we play. I also put my originals in the mix which they seem to love too, thankfully! I sell a lot of tie dye t-shirts and organic love honey. CDs too, although the t-shirts seem to do the best. Remember, you can purchase all of my groovy goodies here:

Labor Day weekend we’re headed up to Clearlake, another place I love that’s by the water. Great outdoor stage and fun place called The Spot. This is our last show of the Summer there. We hope to be back next year for more fun!

I wouldn’t play and travel so much if this wasn’t fun. I get many people that tell me “I love watching you play because you have a big smile on your face and you look like you’re having fun.” I respond with “great!” “I am having fun, life is too short not to.”

Happy Hot Rockin’ End of Summer. Keep sharing love, smiling and having fun.
Peace & love,
Groovy Judy

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