Happy New Year! 2018
by on January 10, 2018 in Blog

Happy New Year!
It’s 2018 and I’m happy to be part of the New Year. Don’t get me wrong, 2017 was pretty great overall. I had so many great performances and new experiences. I made many new friends and fans. It was all good! I’m grateful I get to do what I do. I’m excited about 2018. I’ve got some goals and plans that I’m working on and it feels good. I like starting fresh!

The only bummer about 2017 was my health. In December, I was diagnosed with stage 3 paratid (saliva gland) cancer on the left side of my face. I had an operation, which successfully removed the tumor. I will have to undergo radiation treatments at the end of January, however, the prognosis is good. This was all pretty shocking to me, as I’m a fairly healthy, high energy and upbeat person. I hardly ever get sick, maybe a sinus infection here and there, overall though, I’m a pretty healthy person. Life sure has it’s twists and turns! I feel good though. I keep exercising and doing my best to eat well. I’m also using my gift of teaching music and playing music to help me heal. So, I’m optimistic. Why not?!

Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing you! I hope you’re optimistic, healthy and prosperous.

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  1. Anne Jackson says:

    I’m SO sorry to hear this Judy!! Here’s to a speedy recovery and hoping radiation goes by quickly. Sending healing prayer to you!!!

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